Even in shallow water…

One of the things we love about Sombrero and the area around it is that even in the shallowest of water there’s awesome things to see.  Check out this new edit of a hermit crab from our last expedition.  He was in about a foot of water!


It’s 2015!

Happy New Year!  All of us on the Underwater Sombrero project team would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year!  As we look forward to the coming year, we can’t wait for our next expedition to Sombrero, tentatively planned for October 2015.  Be sure to check back soon as well to see more of the images we’ve captured on our most recent short outing to the reefs just weeks ago.   Here’s a quick teaser from that outing:

We’ve still got a ways to go before we’re ready to publish and we’d love it if you’d like to help.  Please take a moment to visit our funding incentives page to see how you can do so.

As always, we thank you for your support!

Steve, Dee, Elizabeth, Dennis and Robert – The Underwater Sombrero Project Team

Art Print – “Sombrero Light in the Sun”

Weigold Photography is pleased to introduce our latest art print titled “Sombrero Light in the Sun″!  This image is currently available in several sizes and customization such as sepia, black and white and bordering is available.  Please select a standard size below, or contact us for customization options at sales@weigoldphotography.com


Your purchase of prints such as this will help us fund our photography book project: Underwater Sombrero!

Print Options

Happy National Lighthouse Day!

On this date in 1789 Congress passed legislation which provided for the establishment and support of lighthouses and other navigational aids.  One of which was installed on our favorite key!

Perhaps you could help us celebrate National Lighthouse Day and help support our Underwater Sombrero project by purchasing a print of the Sombrero Lighthouse!

As always, we thank you for your support!

Steve, Dee, Elizabeth, Dennis and Robert – The Underwater Sombrero Project Team

Celebrating Word Oceans Day 2014!

Happy World Oceans Day 2014 everyone!  Thanks for taking a minute to check out our website.  There’s lots of information on our project here so please be sure to look around.

As you go through your day today (and hopefully everyday) be sure to take a minute and reflect on how important our oceans are to life on this planet and how they touch on your lives daily, even if you’re a thousand miles from the nearest one.   The ocean’s influence touches everything from the food you eat to the air you breathe to the weather you experience.

The Underwater Sombrero project team will be celebrating World Ocean Day today with a series of images from our project shared on our social media pages.  We hope you’ve liked the Facebook page and are following the Twitter Feed!  Watch for the hashtags: #WorldOceansDay and #OurOcean2014!

Our project is #crowdfunded, so if you think you’d like to help us out, check out our Funding Incentives page.   Thanks for visiting, and again, Happy World Oceans Day!

Steve, Dee, Elizabeth, Dennis and Robert – The Underwater Sombrero Project Team

2013 Expedition Sneak Peak

The 2013 Expedition was easily our best yet and yielded hundreds of fantastic images and dozens of video clips!  We’re busily processing them and beginning page layout for the book so we’ve been head down and nose to the grindstone, but we thought we’d take a quick break to share some of our favorites:

Looking for Crowd Funding!

Friends of Underwater Sombrero:

As departure for the 2013 expedition to Sombrero is just days away, we find ourselves a bit frustrated at the lack of results we’re getting in our crowdfunding efforts.  To date, the project has been blessed by the fact that the project team has covered the expedition travel expenses and we’ve had a few supporters chip in which has helped with some of the other project expenses, we are a far cry from being able to publish this book.

Please remember that once we get our book published, sales of the book will benefit the education and conservation mission of Reef Relief and images from the project will be contributed to the Marine Photobank, also helping others in their mission of conservation.

Based on current estimations, we’ll need to raise about $4000 to reach the next phase of our project.  We still have plenty of images to capture and process, and we need to look forward to expenses such as obtaining an ISBN number and printing costs.  We could really use your help.

You may remember that we’ve already tried the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and they failed us.  While we reached out to our network, what we expected from Kickstarter was some assistance expanding that network.  We received none.  You can read more about the Kickstarter results here.   Since then, we’ve been managing our crowdfunding efforts on our own, and while we’ve had some success, we’re still dealing with the fact that our network isn’t as big as it needs to be.

You can help!  We aren’t asking for donations.  If you wish to make one, you can do so on our donations page.  We certainly won’t turn it down.  What we’d rather do is have you buy a piece of the project and have something to show for your support! Our funding incentives page details how you can do just that.  We have funding incentives starting at just $10!

If a financial contribution isn’t in your budget, you can still help by telling people about our project.  Get your friends to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  The more people that know about our project, the more likely we are to find some that are willing to help with the crowdfunding.

Don’t forget that everyone making an effort to help out our project will be recognized as a project backer, both here on the website and in the book itself.  Be sure to check out our backers page to see those that have already helped out!

Watch for more images soon!  As I write this, it’s less than 48 hours until we’re headed to Sombrero again!

As always, we thank everyone for the support!

Steve, Dee, Elizabeth, Dennis and Robert – The Underwater Sombrero Project Team