These awesome people and organizations have supported our publishing project either with a donation, the purchase of a pledge incentive or with in-kind support!  We thank all of them for doing so!

Donations:   $50 – Requested Anonymous, $50 Steve and Teri Meade, $40 Joan Stonitsch, $50 Ann Hill, $100 Jan and Mel Bryant, $500 Jeanie and Steve Stine, $50 Kathy Wesp, $50 Linda and Ron Demarco

$25 Incentives:   Doko Sarl, Patt Belisle and Kim Minor – Middletown Arts Center

$45 Incentives:  Ron and Shelby Shelton

$150 Incentives: Loretta Alkalay

$300 Incentives: Steve and Teri Meade

Advertising and Marketing: Tim Bellinger @sniper762m, Hal Eskew @GalleryByHal, Ann Hill, Tommy Kaugher, Cindy Diesbach, Amy Bell, Jan and Mel Bryant, David Friend, Andy Watkins @perfectpercept, Josh Gagnon, Patricia Hurst, Linda Fisler @lfisler, Lori Martin-Combs, Chris Hammond

(Note that this includes direct project contributions.  Since the Kickstarter funding drive ended unfunded, Kickstarter pledges are only reflected here if they followed through and made an actual direct project contribution)

Updated 20200420