Reef Relief!

Exciting news everyone!   We’ve been in contact with the awesome organization Reef Relief and we’re pleased to report that we’ve started working on the logistics for our book to help support their mission!  Once we get past the publishing stage, the plan is for a portion of the sale price of the book to be donated to Reef Relief to support their mission of education and preservation.  Be sure to check out their blog post on the project!

As we get closer to publication and have a better idea of cost and publication price, we’ll have a better idea of what the actual contribution will be, but we’re excited about this step and wanted to share!

Keep in mind that our Kickstarter funding drive is only in support of the publishing expenses for the book.  Kickstarter does not allow projects to be used to benefit causes like Reef Relief, so we have to be careful about how we present our efforts.  Assistance to Reef Relief comes after the book is published and ready for sale.

We plan to include some information on the organization in our book.  The coral reefs of our world are very fragile and it’s through the work of organizations like Reef Relief that the public is educated about the need to preserve these wonders of our world.  It’s only logical that our book on the reefs of Sombrero Key would help this mission!