Want to help by sending an email?

… but don’t want to put the effort into finding all the links and writing one?   Never fear!   Here’s some text you can cut and paste into your email, sign and send.  No muss, no fuss, and you’d be helping the project out a lot!  This is very similar to the email we sent out to all of our contacts at project launch.

Subject:  Please Consider the Underwater Sombrero Project!

Hi Friends,

I know your time is valuable so I’ll make this short.  I’ve found a wonderful project I’m trying to help support and I thought you might also be willing to help.   I’ll give you the basic details and some links where you can read more about our project and hopefully pledge your support.

Here’s the key link if you aren’t motivated to read on:

In short, they are trying to develop and publish a book of photography on the spur and groove reef formations off of Sombrero Key, FL.   This is not much more than a shoal located just south of Marathon, but it contains some of the most beautiful reef systems in the keys.  If completed, the project will result in a hardcover, dust jacketed, 150-200 page coffee table book which will be ISBN registered and eventually available for purchase.

To do this, they’re using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, and they’re trying to raise $8000 in thirty days.

They are NOT asking for donations.    If you pledge to support the project, you are agreeing to purchase a tangible item produced by the project.   These items start at recognition in the book, then  certificates of appreciation for your support, and go up through different sizes of prints and then copies of the book and other incentives depending on the level of your support.   Support levels begin at $1 (yes, one dollar).

If you pledge to support the project, you’ll specify an amount and provide your billing information.  YOU ARE NOT CHARGED AT THE TIME OF THE PLEDGE.

On October 5, 2012, IF they have enough pledges to reach at least the goal, then everyone’s card is charged and the money is made available to the project team.  IF THEY DO NOT REACH THE GOAL, THE PROJECT IS CANCELLED and there are no charges.   Kickstarter funding is ALL OR NOTHING.

If you would please, check out the project proposal on Kickstarter.com.  Read the pledge incentives and watch the video.

Afterwards, if you are motivated to help support the project, please click the “Back this Project” button and follow the instructions.   Thank you.

If you’d like more information on the project, how the Kickstarter funding mechanism works,  or you’re inclined to follow along:
Like them on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/UnderwaterSombrero    or:
Visit the project website:  http://www.underwatersombrero.com

If you’d like to help some other way than financially, please forward this email to contacts you feel may be interested, like the page on Facebook and perhaps share the link to that page or our website.  Our efforts to spread the word and word of mouth is the only advertising they get!

I promise not to abuse your email by sending you more messages about the project unless you want to stay in the loop.   If you do, please either support the project on Kickstarter (which they’ll get notification of) or send an email to info@underwatersombrero.com and let them know to keep sending you project updates.

Thanks so much for your time.

Your Name Here!

PS – if you’ve supported the project financially, you might want to make note of that in your email!  Thanks for your help!