Manage Your Pledge?

Did you know you can manage your pledge?  That’s right!  Once you’re a backer, up until the point that the project closes, you can alter your pledge of support, be it an increase (please!) or a decrease (we hope not!).

Obviously we’d prefer to know what level of support you’re pledging right away, but we understand that not all potential backers are able to do so.  We know times are tough and money is tight and you have to watch every penny.   If you’re like us, it may be that you don’t know how much money you’re going to have until it gets closer to the project deadline of October 5, 2012.    We understand.  Really we do.   Can you spare a dollar?  One dollar?  If you can, and you’re willing, pledge a dollar.  Then, if you feel the project is deserving, and you have the money available, increase your pledge closer to project close.  Just don’t wait until October 5 because at 12:04 AM, just after midnight, the project closes, so unless you’re awake, at midnight, October 5 is too late!

Why bother?  Why not just wait and pledge a final amount?  Simple.   An increasing number of backers is what gets a project the attention it needs to get more backers!  Even if the pledge numbers only change by small amounts, that’s still enough to get a project attention, and attention is what we need most right now.  Further, people pay more attention to and are more likely to support projects that are supported by people they know.   What you get out of it, besides our appreciation, is ongoing project updates, incentives like our currently running email and facebook share contest (which you have to be a backer to be eligible for) and whatever other good stuff we can come up with!

So please, pledge your support, if only for a dollar.  Then perhaps later, you can manage your pledge!  Thanks for your support!