Can you spare a dime?

Friends, we’re getting close to our next expedition to Sombrero!  Remember that we’ve already got the trip scheduled (and paid for) and we’re leaving in a few weeks.

We still need your help though!  In order to make the most of the trip and get the photography we need to support our book project we need a few more pieces of equipment and to get it, we need to raise another $800 as quickly as we can! 

We’ve learned that some of the equipment we need is on sale and if we can get it soon, we can save the project hundreds of dollars!

Please consider an advance purchase of one of our project prints or other funding incentive to help us get the equipment we need and make this project happen!

Here’s a handy link to purchase a 5×7 print and other incentives from the program:

If you’d prefer a bigger print or some other incentive, please visit our Funding Incentives page for other options.  If you’d prefer to just make a simple donation, we’d welcome that also.  You can do so by visiting our donations page.

Thank You!