Even in shallow water…

One of the things we love about Sombrero and the area around it is that even in the shallowest of water there’s awesome things to see.  Check out this new edit of a hermit crab from our last expedition.  He was in about a foot of water!


2013 Expedition Sneak Peak

The 2013 Expedition was easily our best yet and yielded hundreds of fantastic images and dozens of video clips!  We’re busily processing them and beginning page layout for the book so we’ve been head down and nose to the grindstone, but we thought we’d take a quick break to share some of our favorites:

Barge Artificial Reef – Sombrero Key 2009

Reefs are such a valuable part of the ecosystem for many reasons that artificial ones are placed so as to expand existing reef systems or create new ones. This oceangoing barge was sunk as an artificial reef just southeast of Sombrero Key Florida, to extend the already extensive array of spur and groove coral formations.   Enjoy our gallery of images from our 2009 expedition here!