It is official!  Just in time to celebrate Steve’s birthday, the Kickstarter project is LIVE!   The clock is ticking folks!  We have 30 days to get enough pledges to reach our $8000 goal.  We need your help!  Any pledge of $1 or more is welcome.   If you can’t support financially, you can still help by sharing the link to the Kickstarter project!

Kickstarter Project Submitted for Review!


We are excited to announce that we’ve completed the project video, uploaded it to Kickstarter and submitted the project for review!  After they’ve approved it, we’ll have a last chance to make edits, and then we’ll launch!  That will give us 30 days to try to recruit enough supporters to make the project happen!   Until launch, you can preview the project and watch our new video.  If you do, we’d sure appreciate some feedback.  After all, those pledge incentives are “what’s in it for you”, so we want to be sure they are worth your support.  If you have questions or comments, you’re welcome to email us at info@underwatersombrero.com.


Just Getting Started!

Thanks so much for visiting our site for our new photography book project called Underwater Sombrero.   As you can probably see, we’re just getting started setting everything up!  Be sure to check back soon and follow along as we start on our adventure.