Under the Ledge

Here’s a new edit from our 2009 expedition images.  We’re working hard on edits from all expeditions as we try to get closer to getting the book ready.  This one, we’ve titled “Under the Ledge” gives some insight into the channels, valleys and nooks throughout the reef.


Here’s another recent edit from our work.  As you may have guessed, editing is picking up the pace in anticipation of getting closer to publication.  We’ve got another expedition planned in October and we’re hoping to get over the top on the images we want to have to publish!  This image, like many others are available for purchase, and your purchase helps support our project!

Art Prints

On the Edge

We do so love these Christmas Tree Worms (Spirobranchus giganteus)!  They’re all over the reef.  Here’s another recent edit of these interesting creatures.  You can also get a print of this one on Fine Art America here.

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