MAC Instructor Show

Underwater Sombrero photographer Steve Weigold is a photography instructor for the Middletown Arts Center in Middletown Ohio and is being featured along with the center’s other instructors in the upcoming Instructors Exhibit.

Images from the Underwater Sombrero project will be on display and on sale at the exhibit!  Sales of any of the prints will go directly to support the project.

We hope you join us for the opening reception Friday August 23, 2013 starting at 6pm.  Light refreshments will be served.

Marketing Referrals Wanted!

Project Friends,

As we begin to push toward the funding goal for the next phase of our project, we are working on materials that we want to distribute to organizations and businesses that are willing to help support us.   We’re particularly interested in businesses and organizations in the Florida Keys and South Florida, but we’ll work with any businesses that think their clientele would be interested in our project.

In general, we’re looking to place, at minimum, some brochures about our project on site.  If the organization is willing, we’d also consider placing a larger display and or some of our already captured artwork from the project.

All support to the project whether financial or otherwise will be recognized in the book and on our website.

If you know of a business that might be willing to help, please provide us with a business name, location and contact information if possible.  You can reach us at

As always, we thank everyone for the support!

Steve, Dee, Elizabeth, Dennis and Robert – The Underwater Sombrero Project Team

Size Does Matter!

Just in case you’re wondering, the Underwater Sombrero book, when published is anticipated to be a full size, hard cover, dust jacketed publication.   We’re planning to include about 200 pages of Sombrero Key beauty and information!   The below image shows a good representation of scale.  Won’t you please consider one of our funding incentives?  It’s not a donation, it’s an advance purchase, and it helps us get our project done!

Our First Share Drive!

Friends, we’ve been at this project for a while and we need some help to get to the next phase of the project.  Soon, we hope to start a funding drive, but before we do that, we need to build the audience for our message.  We need to let more people know about the project!

Currently we’re at about 77 followers on Twitter and about 70 “likes” on Facebook.  So, here’s the plan:  We’re going to start small.  We want to hit our first milestone on each networking service of 100 likes or follows.   To get there, we need supporters of the project to share links to us with their friends.   As incentive to help us reach this level we’re giving away a 5×7 print of your choice from the project.  That’s the $10 funding incentive we offer as a prize!  One each to the 100th follower or “like” and one each to the supporter that referred the 100th follower or like!   You’ll also be recognized on the website and in the book as a supporter!

Winners can select from one of the existing images we’ve already captured, or may wait for the project to complete and select one from a wider array later.

If our drive is successful, we’ll do it again later for larger like and follow milestones!

All you have to do is either be the 100th “like” or the 100th follower, OR, be the person that referred them!  Share away!

As always, we thank everyone for the support!

Steve, Dee, Elizabeth, Dennis and Robert – The Underwater Sombrero Project Team